13 skincare gifts for every skin type and concern

From serums to moisturisers, cleansers and more.

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If you think shopping skincare for others is too difficult (or expensive), think again. With our comprehensive gift guide, you can find the perfect skincare product for anyone, no matter what their skin type is or what concern they're hoping to combat.

From serums to moisturisers, sunscreen and cleansers, we've put together our top 13 skincare gifts to spoil your loved ones with. Let's dive into it.

For all skin types

First up, 3 gift ideas that literally anyone could use in their skincare routine:

1. Ceramide Repair Balm

Moisturising is a must-do in any skincare routine (along with SPF, of course) — which makes face cream a foolproof skincare gift.

Software's Ceramide Repair Balm is a rich moisturiser packed with ceramides to protect against environmental stressors, hyaluronic acid to attract, bind and retain moisture, and squalane to soothe the skin while shielding it against free radicals. It melts into the skin to protect the skin barrier, reduce redness and calm irritation, delivering deep hydration that lasts.

2. Daily Sun Defence SPF50+

We mentioned that SPF is another skincare must-do, so why not surprise the skincare lover in your life with a super-nourishing sunscreen?

The best thing about the Daily Sun Defence SPF50+ (besides its level of protection, which filters out 98% of UV rays) is that it blends seamlessly into the skin without leaving a white cast — and that is thanks to its lightweight, non-greasy texture.

3. Complete Skincare Routine

If you're looking for a skincare gift set that anyone can benefit from, the Complete Skincare Routine kit is the one.

Suitable for all skin types, this bundle comes packed with 5 skincare essentials, all formulated with a range of specialised ingredients to target acne, ageing signs, dark spots, and dryness. This includes the Daily Cleanser, Vitamin C + Ferulic Serum, Daily Moisturiser, Daily Sun Defense SPF50+, and Retinol Complex Oil. Plus, a headband they can use to keep their hair back while they care for their skin and a beauty bag to take their new staples everywhere.

For acne-prone skin

Looking for a gift that will help them fight off blemishes? Our acne collection has plenty of options — and we love these 3:

4. AHA/BHA Pimple Patches

Pimple stickers were one of the trendiest skincare products of 2023 and for good reason. Not only do they prevent picking and popping that could lead to scarring, but they also accelerate the healing process and help clear out dirt and oil from the pores.

If you have a loved one who struggles with acne, we know they'll appreciate a gift like our AHA/BHA Pimple Patches. Using microdart technology, these patches are able to penetrate pimples and eliminate bacteria deep within the follicle to attack acne at the source. Plus, they help repair and nourish the skin barrier for a healthier complexion overall.

5. Acne Supplement

Though the right topical products can help minimise breakouts, targeting acne from the inside out can also be a good idea for anyone wanting to reduce and repair skin trauma — and that's exactly what our Acne Supplement does.

Formulated with a unique blend of acne-fighting vitamins and minerals — including vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin B5 — these powerful tablets support post-acne healing, minimise irritation, strengthen the skin barrier, and stimulate collagen production.

6. Acne Kit

If you can't choose between the pimple patches or the acne supplement, why not spoil your loved one with both products, plus a cleanser and a moisturiser?

Another one of our skincare gift sets, Software's Acne Kit was specifically designed to relieve acne symptoms, clear away impurities and congestion, repair the skin barrier, and shield the skin against acne triggers — all in just 4 steps.

For sensitive skin

Anyone who has a hard time finding treatments that don't trigger their sensitive skin agrees that receiving a good, non-irritating product is extra special, and we've got just the one.

7. Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Sensitive skin needs products that are formulated with gentle ingredients and won't cause irritation. Although suitable for all skin types, our Hydrating Cleansing Oil is an especially good gift idea for those with sensitive skin.

Thanks to its oil-based formula, this cleanser gently washes away makeup and residue without the need for harsh scrubbing. Plus, its fatty acids and jojoba seed oil mimic the skin's healthy oil composition, while the pre and postbiotics help the skin flora flourish and raspberry seed oil provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

For dull skin

Let's face it, no one enjoys having dull skin. Luckily, the right skincare products can easily target this skincare concern:

8. Hyaluronic Complex Serum

If your loved one has been looking for a targeted product that will bring their complexion back to life, our Hyaluronic Complex Serum is the perfect gift for them.

Lightweight but heavy in hydration, this serum is supercharged with 4 types of hyaluronic acid to quench their skin from within, fight dehydration up to the deepest layers of the skin, help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, retain moisture all day long, and maintain skin barrier integrity. The final result? Skin that is noticeably supple, soft, radiant — and never dull.

9. Exfoliation Booster

Curated by our experts, our Exfoliation Booster combines chemical and physical exfoliants to unclog pores and eliminate dead skin cells, plus our Ceramide Repair Balm to soothe the skin afterwards.

The chemical exfoliation comes from the Salicylic Foaming Wash, a gentle yet effective cleanser that is powered by BHAs and PHAs to slough away impurities and leave the skin noticeably smooth and hydrated without that tight, squeaky-clean feel. As for the physical exfoliation, this gift set comes with a 3-pack of cleansing cloths to gently scrub away the foaming wash and eliminate any stubborn residue.

For ageing skin

Whether it is smile lines or forehead wrinkles they want to reduce, our anti-ageing gift ideas are perfect for anyone seeking more youthful-looking skin:

10. Multi-Peptide Eye Serum

Another one of our powerful serums, the Multi-Peptide Eye Serum helps fight everything from crow's feet to dark circles and puffy eyes.

Packed with highly targeted ingredients (like glycerin and avocado extract), this serum was formulated to treat undereye concerns from all angles. It stimulates collagen production, masks the appearance of dark circles, and protects the skin from free radicals — all while deeply nourishing and hydrating the skin around the eyes.

11. Advanced Ageing Set

If 1 or 2 products aren't enough and you want to spoil them with a full skincare routine, why not shop our favourite anti-wrinkle products with our Advanced Ageing Set?

This comprehensive bundle combines 5 anti-ageing powerhouses: the Vitamin C + Ferulic Serum to brighten and firm, the Ceramide Repair Balm to moisture and nourish, the Daily Sun Defence SPF50+ to prevent sun damage, the Salicylic Foamish Wash to gently exfoliate, and the Retinol Complex Oil to restore and renew. What more could they ask for?

For hyperpigmentation

Finally, if they struggle with pigmentation issues, these 2 gift ideas will be excellent additions to their skincare routine:

12. Glow Booster

Two skincare bestsellers for under $90? Yes, please.

Our Glow Booster pairs the Vitamin C + Ferulic Acid (to complement your morning routine) with the Retinol Complex Oil (for the nighttime). Together, these clinically-backed formulas brighten up the skin and fade scars and dark spots, while also reducing fine lines and providing hydration — and they're able to do so thanks to their hero ingredients: retinol, Australian sandalwood seed oil, seabuckthorn oil, and rosehip oil.

13. Vitamin C + Ferulic Serum

Last, but never least, a product we've mentioned a few times already: our Vitamin C + Ferulic Serum.

As the name suggests, this powerful serum features 2 key ingredients: Vitamin C, which inhibits melanin production to lighten dark spots, and ferulic acid, which targets dullness for a visibly brighter complexion. It's this ingredient combination that makes the serum such a great gift for anyone dealing with hyperpigmentation — together, they help keep dark spots at bay for skin that looks and feels firm, elastic, and radiant.

No matter who you're shopping for, there is a skincare gift that will take their usual routine to the next level. Give the gift of healthy, glowing skin with Software!

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