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Present as tan, brown, or grayish patches
Irregular in shape, these blotches can be found on the face and body.
Caused by hormonal changes and genetics
Common during pregnancy, menopause, and after excessive sun exposure.
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This is the happiest I’ve ever been with my skincare

I never used to leave the house without makeup, I wouldn’t even answer the door. I’d tried lasers, every freckle fade cream you can imagine and so many other products and I still wasn’t happy with my skin. This is the happiest I’ve ever been with my skincare and I’m using less steps, spending less time and it’s costing less money thanks to Software.

Really happy with the result!

Using Software consistently for 7 months! I really love the products and now my sister is using it now as well.

Present as flat, brown or black spots
Usually prevalent on high points of the face where the sun hits, such as the forehead and nose.
Caused by sun exposure or ageing
Can affect individuals of all skin types and tones, but most common in sun-exposed, and mature skin.
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Very happy!

First photo when I started in July 2021 and the second photo was taken today. I have tried everything over the last 20 years and I mean everything!! and nothing ever worked for me. I now rave about it.

I never experienced such a products that actually works.

Thanks to Software! Now my skins looking like the way it was... even better! I never experienced such a products that actually works. Amazing!

Present as spots of darkened skin
Flat, discoloured spots on areas where skin injury or inflammation has occurred.
Caused by inflammatory skin condition or injury
Usually follows post-blemish breakouts, eczema, or insect bites. Can affect all skin types and tones, but most common in acne-prone skin.
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Thank you Software for giving back my confidence!

I just felt like I needed to share my 7 months journey with Software. True enough, it will get worse first before it gets better. It may sound like a cliche but no pain no gain. Just keep the faith and trust the process.

Such a life changing journey, my confidence and self-esteem is back. My skin definitely had a 360 degrees flip from worst to best.

Software gave me self confidence in 6 weeks.

After 16 years of being miserable with my skin, Software gave me self confidence in 6 weeks. I am at 33 weeks now still with clear skin. Since starting I have used only Software products and followed my treatment plan. Thank you Software, you have changed my life!

Ingredients you can’t get off the shelf

Your custom treatment combines clinically proven ingredients in tailored dosages for your skin.

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Clinical-strength Retinoid

Increases the rate of skin cell turnover to reduce fine lines and fade pigmentation

Clinical-strength Lightening Agent

Fades dark spots, pigmentation and evens out skin tone

Kojic Acid

Naturally derived ingredient used to help fade dark spots and even skin discoloration

Your routine checkup

Just like your practitioner has recommended a formula for your skin, our skin experts have recommended a routine for your formula.

The Essential Skincare Routine is just that, essential. It includes a fragrance-free gentle cleanser, a non-comedogenic moisturiser, and broad spectrum SPF50+.

Purchase the Essential Skincare Routine with your custom formula to complete your routine.

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How Software works

Bringing your custom skincare, online
Step 1

Take the online quiz and tell us your skin goals.

Step 2

Chat 1:1 with a skin specialist and share your selfies.

Step 3

We design and create your custom formula.

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Begin your nightly treatment. A new bottle arrives every 2 months.

Step 5

Our medical team can reformulate your formula as you progress, and answer your questions, whenever.

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Results guaranteed (or your money back)

Revolutionary skincare is evolutionary skincare

As your life changes, so should your skincare.

Our practitioner will work with your evolving skin to adapt your personalised formula as your goals change.

Throughout your journey, we’ll:
  • Tweak your personalised formula
  • Increase ingredient strength
  • Help you manage skin adjustments
  • Recommend a long-term routine
What is pigmentation and why does it occur?

Pigmentation, or hyperpigmentation, is the term used to describe patches or spots of skin that become darker than the surrounding skin tone. Depending on the type, pigmentation may appear as spots, blotches, or larger patches of skin.

Types of pigmentation include dark spots — also called age spots or sun spots — melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It’s caused by hormonal changes (like pregnancy or menopause), sun exposure, damaged skin or can be due to your genetics.

Is it possible to treat and remove pigmentation?

Yes! Skin pigmentation is treatable, but in order for our team of practitioners to help you achieve the best results, we’ll first need to determine your type of pigmentation and its cause. We’ll get to the bottom of this in the skin quiz and during your online consult.

If you’ve had little success in treating and fading pigmentation so far, it’s likely to do with your skincare routine. Firstly, over-the-counter beauty products may promise to treat pigmentation, but the ingredients within them are not potent enough to actually make a difference.

Secondly, daily sunscreen is the single most important thing for the prevention of pigmentation, so if you’re not using one yet, then now is the time to start. Our practitioners recommend wearing SPF 50+ broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, and especially while using Software.

When will I see results?

Good things take time, and your skin is no different! Your formula begins working from the very first application, but you should generally expect to use your treatment for 8-12 weeks before results are visible. And it only gets better from there.

As your skin adjusts, you can work with our team of practitioners to adjust your formula as your needs and goals change.

Should I be aware of side effects?

Our team of practitioners create your formula with medical-grade ingredients that other beauty brands can’t include. They’re proven to work and have helped countless Australians treat hyperpigmentation, acne, fine lines, and more.

Since these ingredients are more potent (and significantly more effective!) than the ones you might be used to, it’s common to experience some side effects initially. These include dryness, flaking skin, and temporary redness while your skin adjusts.

We’ll help you start on a lower dose to mitigate the risk of side effects. We’ll also recommend a gentle routine and some tips to help keep your skin healthy. For more information, you can read our ingredients guide here.

Is Software suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes! We use an array of ingredients to ensure that people with sensitive skin can still receive the best treatment for skin pigmentation.

Our practitioners carefully review your online assessment before crafting your custom formula, so just let them know that you have sensitive skin and they will factor that into your treatment plan.

Is Software safe to use during pregnancy?

It’s really common to experience pigmentation during pregnancy. Some call this ‘The Mask of Pregnancy’, and it refers to melasma or chloasma, which can often present on the face.

The most potent ingredients used to treat pigmentation are not always pregnancy-safe, but our medical team team also has access to pregnancy-safe ingredients to help you glow during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

When you’re ready to reintroduce those actives, our team will adjust your formula. In the meantime, we recommend wearing a daily SPF to help protect your skin from sun overexposure, which can cause pigmentation.

How much does Software cost?

It's $54 a month and we bill and ship every two months, meaning you’ll be billed $108 every second month (and you won’t run out).

With all plans, you can cancel, pause, or delay at any time, and there are no cancellation fees.

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